Evrytania natural environment

The contents of this page come from the site of the cultural association of the municipality of Karpenisi , http://www.evrytan.gr,

In Evritania there are many significant natural, historic and religious monuments and sites that record the path and the events over the centuries. Thus, the beautiful and clean natural environment of the region and decisive contribution to the history of our country, rank among the most valuable mountain sites in the country. Majestic mountains, rivers, steep ravines, a beautiful artificial lake,  fir forests  with rich flora and fauna. Traditional villages  between the mountains, with natural beauty.  Today, there are still people here who are fighting to maintain the natural environment and to highlight their cultural heritage. Natural monuments immense beauty and historic journey,  monasteries and churches, villages and buildings that remain from the old and newer invaders keep alive the interest of continuously propagated visitors and pilgrims, this small but rich sites in central Greece.


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